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Sasha German Shepherd 23-09-2016 (Remastered)

Sasha German Shepherd 23-09-2016 (Remastered)

Occasionally I receive requests from friends and family to restore, improve or touch up photos. This request from a friend who’s dog (Sasha) had just passed away. The request was to pick and remaster one photo from a selection he had sent to me, good enough for a 8×10 picture frame. Out of the selection sent to me, it was very difficult to find a picture which myself would of found acceptable to be placed in a picture frame for all to see.

The one picture that stood out was the photo on the left above, which, although to some is okay, I knew it was going to take some work to get it to a point where I would feel happy with it.

There was instantly a few things that I had to try and remove. First, the annoying legs and feet in the background and the foot on the right of the picture, then some how put Sasha’s right foot back in the picture. After achieving all of this (middle picture), and improving the colors, I was still not happy. So I sat back and had a think, while staring at the picture on my screen it suddenly came to me what I had done with previous pictures. When the background was not all that great, try turning the picture into a low-key image and completely blacken out the background, which is easily achieved through Adobe Lightroom.  After 15 mins work by using the adjustment brush in Lightroom,  I was finally happy with the finished image.

Not long after sending the finished picture, he was messaging me saying how fantastic it looked and that he was chuffed to bits.

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