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 Anybody can take a picture, but its the post editing part that makes the difference between a good or poor image.


I’m an amateur photographer, which started from a very young age of 14.

Back then I started off with a Pentax ME Super (35mm), and now use a Sony Nex 6, which is very compact and light compared to the SLR camera range. My main love of photography is bringing images alive through photo editing software, which I first started with Photoshop 4 released back in 1996.

I live in a small village in the heart of Lincolnshire just outside Spalding.

Since having 2 kids in my life, I spend more time then ever taking pictures and transforming them into something special, to ensure I catch the best possible images of there life as they grow.  Over the past 6 years I have found I thoroughly enjoy photography and creating images  for all to see, which is why I have created this website, to share my passion and love for capturing true moments in life.